About My Way Auto Body

At My Way Auto Body, we are a fully licensed and insured Certified Independent Auto Body Shop that is highly experienced in repair and insurance rules and regulations. Our technicians receive ongoing training and certification by the leading auto manufacturers. This allows us to work for you and advocate on your behalf, ensuring the highest quality automobile repairs that are safe for you and your family.

We have the industry knowledge and experience to fight the insurance companies and look out for your rights. We advocate the use of OEM parts in our repairs. We specialize in picking up the damaged vehicle at home or on the scene and delivering it when completed!

Where is your vehicle getting towed today?

  • How much experience does your body shop have dealing with insurance companies?
  • How could this make a difference in the repair of your vehicle?
  • A prominent law firm in the case made the claim that “non-OEM parts are clearly inferior to OEM parts” and that the insurer, by requiring the use of non-OEM parts, was “violating its agreement to restore people’s cars to the condition they were in before the accident.”
  • Experience does make a difference. When you need someone to stand behind you, please remember that we’ve been satisfying customers like you for over 26 years. Our pride shows!